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The Escapist: One year. New name. New look.


One year of blogging. If this thought would came into me more than one year ago I would laugh at the idea. Because really, I never saw myself blogging. I never dreamt to become a blogger. I didn't even knew how blogging works! Creating this blog--Michelle Shouts Random--was never planned. This is what really happened...

I liked reading. But to be honest, I was never born a bookworm. Most bookworms would say they were reading for the rest of their lives. My love for reading started on year 2008. The  Twilight year. Since then I became interested in reading and on year 2011 (year when I become really obsessed with reading), I guess, when I was searching for a good romance read, I stumbled upon a blog with a list of awesome young adult romance reads. I didn't know what happened next, I just saw myself joining giveaways. I won once in a hundred giveaways and just imagine how happy I felt that time. And then I started tweeting Kai of Amaterasu Reads (the blog I first stumbled upon) when I found out that she's a Filipino book blogger. I asked her some things about books and I found myself asking about blogging. She then asked me if I'm planning to have a blog but I said no. She said I should try and go for it! Which I...did.

Starting a blog with no background or any idea how every button in Blogger works sucks. It does. I hated myself then why did I created one when I don't know how everything works. I've posted the crappiest review ever (wait for it...) for not one, but several books. I just realized it was crappy when I re-read them months ago. But I'm not done yet. The hardest thing to do is think about a catchy blog name. Since I plan my blog to be about random stuff, I came with Michelle Shouts Random, which is lame. Okay. I admit. I'm not really a fan of my previous blog name. For me, it sounds weird, but I still launched it. Haha My goal that time was to get this blog over with. XD

But over time, I learned a lot of things, I've met cool bookworms and bloggers, read amazing books, met awesome authors (online, of course) and contact fantastic publishers. Oh! And the most amazing thing about blogging? Receiving FREE books. *sighs dreamily* Yes, one of the main reasons I jumped into blogging is to receive free books because I'm not that rich to buy all the books that I want. :P

Months ago, I realized why not re-launch this blog with a new name and even a layout? It also came into my mind that I could do it on my blogoversary so it'll be all-in-one celebration.  I weighed the consequences. What if my readers would be lost if they visited Michelle Shouts Random? I could lose them. So I decided to announce it ahead of time so all of you would know. And here we are now.

<div align="center"><a href="http://www.michelletheescapist.blogspot.com" title="The Escapist"><img src="http://i597.photobucket.com/albums/tt52/chimHEARTdanger/Untitled1-7_zps0244dd7d.png?t=1369805175" alt="The Escapist" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

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